Invest in this proven approach. With your help, we can reach more youth and families across the United States.​

PROSPER is about bringing the community together to do something for youth and families, but it's not just about doing something, it's about doing something that has been proven to work. 
PROSPER provides evidence-based solutions to prevent risky behaviors among youth, to support their healthy development and strengthen their families

Youth in PROSPER communities can expect to have better life skills and positive peer relationships, and fewer negative behavioral outcomes including:

  • Conduct problems
  • Drunkenness
  • Cigarette use
  • Prescription drug misuse
  • Marijuana use
  • Meth use
  • Use of other illicit substances

Families that participate in the programs delivered through PROSPER can expect:

  • More time spent together as a family
  • To feel closer to one another, and
  • To use more effective and consistent discipline

The PROSPER approach is for all types of youth and families, not just for those who may need more help. We think that all families can become a little stronger and youth can always use more support to help them make healthy choices in a world that is full of negative influences and pressures

Return on Investment

PROSPER maximizes the impact of donations by helping schools and communities use programs that work and that stand the test of time. PROSPER also maximizes donations by reducing the costs of delivering these programs. In fact, costs for implementing one of the family programs on the PROSPER menu are reduced from 59 to 67% over costs of using the same program without the PROSPER System.

Most importantly, when youth and families are doing well and staying out of trouble, communities benefit by having a strong workforce and upstanding citizens, society benefits by having fewer individuals incarcerated or needing substance abuse treatment, and future generations benefit from having well-adjusted role models to influence them.

Consider a donation today, because when youth PROSPER, we all do!