The National Network Team is composed of individuals who have extensive experience with implementing and evaluating evidence-based family and school programs through school-community-university partnerships.

Each of these individuals, who represent the fourth tier of the PROSPER Delivery System, has a unique role to play to make sure that State Partnerships and their Community Teams succeed with their PROSPER effort.

  • Our trainers and coaches provide tailored guidance to all members of the three-tiered State Partnership on how to get started and how to sustain their programming efforts year after year.
  • Our evaluation experts provide assistance with data collection and create reports for each Community Team using the implementation data collected each year.
  • Our senior prevention scientists ensure that State Partnerships have access to the most recent advances in implementation science.

The Network Team tailors its assistance to meet the needs of each State Partnership. Click here to learn more about how to start a PROSPER Partnership in your state.