State Partnership Based in the Land Grant University System

The three-tiered structure of the State-level Partnership, which includes Community Teams, Prevention Coordinators, and a State Management Team, facilitates a feedback cycle through which Community Teams receive technical assistance that is tailored to their specific needs. The figure below illustrates the flow of communication among the state-level partners. 

community teams prevention coordinator smt

Community teams are responsible for quality program delivery and management. They engage in community prevention awareness activities and sustain their programs through local financial support, volunteerism and in-kind donations.

Teams receive ongoing assistance from an Extension-based Prevention Coordinator who serves as a link between the community team and the university-based State Management Team. Prevention Coordinators not only provide frequent, regular technical assistance to teams, but also facilitate communication among all partners.

The State Management Team is made up of Extension administrators and faculty linked to communities through Prevention Coordinators. They support community teams and Prevention Coordinators by providing administrative oversight and guidance. They oversee local data collection and share results from project reports and publications.

Each State Partnership is part of the National Network and receives ongoing support and expertise from the Network Team at Iowa State University. 

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