There's a National Network of PROSPER Partnership States

Each PROSPER State Partnership supports multiple community sites, which are each represented by their own Community Team. A team of Prevention Coordinators provides direct, ongoing support to the Community Teams and links them with the State Management Team. In order to ensure success, the PROSPER State Partnership receives ongoing support from the PROSPER Network Organization's team of trainers, technical assistance providers, prevention scientists, and evaluation specialists who constitute the fourth tier of the delivery system. PROSPER State Partnerships receive coaching from this team on topics related to:

  • All aspects of the PROSPER Delivery System
  • Aligning with the work of schools and community and state agencies
  • Use of data for Extension and funder reporting needs
  • Identifying potential funding opportunities to sustain the effort
  • Additional topics that arise during implementation

The figure below illustrates how each State Partnership is connected to the PROSPER Network Organization.

community teams prevention coordinator smtnetwork


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