State Management Team

 The State Management Team is responsible for overseeing, supporting, and evaluating the State Partnership. 

This State Management Team is led by a State Partnership Director who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the PROSPER delivery system is operating successfully within the state. Additional individuals serving on this team include university researchers with prevention program evaluation experience and Extension professionals and/or administrators who provide coordination and support for the PROSPER effort across the state. Members of the team have extensive experience in the areas of community partnerships and youth and family oriented prevention programming.

Although each member of the State Management Team may have his or her own specific responsibilities, the State Management Team as a whole is responsible for:

  • Overseeing implementation of the PROSPER model across the state
  • Meeting with Prevention Coordinators regularly to coordinate implementation activities
  • Planning and carrying out process and outcome evaluation activities in community sites across the state
  • Coordinating with the PROSPER Network Team on a regular basis and disseminating information throughout their State Partnership as indicated

The State Management Team communicates regularly with members of the Prevention Coordinator Team to provide these individuals with current prevention science research findings related to evidence-based program implementation, along with feedback from a variety of assessments. In addition, using information from monthly PC summary reports, the State Management Team, in collaboration with the Prevention Coordinator Team, develops Community Team action plans and problem-solves around implementation issues as they arise.

The State Coordinator works with Prevention Coordinators to oversee team formation and operations, program implementation, and sustainability activities. He or she also works closely with Team Leaders, school districts, and the State Management Team to ensure quality implementation of the model and to support field activities directed at long-term sustainability of teams and programming.

The State Management Team also actively engages with state level Extension Administration as well as other state level agencies, such as Departments of Public Health, Education, and Juvenile Justice.